About us

The Smith Chart Amateur Radio Society is a group of amateur radio operators dedicated to the preservation, enrichment, and implementation of various technical skills related to amateur radio. We're not a club in the traditional definition in that we don't have regular meetings, etc. Our primary focus is on various technical topics and skills, community service, and education. This doesn't just include a lot of electrical engineering subjects as they relate to amateur radio, but also includes things like tower design and erection, thermal design issues, and other non electrical subjects. If you have questions, there's someone who can likely answer it or find you an answer.

We're also a low key organization, primarly doing this for our own personal achievement and accomplishment. We do have a variety of projects going on from time to time, some of which benefit the larger ham community and some that are more focused on individuals in our group.

Officers (2019-20)

  • George McCrary, K8QM, President
  • Charles Davis, Sr., WA3UTC, Vice President
  • John Moseby, W9OHT, Treasurer
  • Walt Heilsnis, WB2VSJ, Secretary
  • Walt Heilsnis, WB2VSJ, Club License Trustee