Arden "Quiz" Quesinberry, Honorary Member

1965 First rendezvous radar for space, Gemini 6 and 7.
1968 First all-solid-state airborne armament control radar.
1977 First airborne surveillance system (AWACS).
1969 Westinghouse cameras enable TV viewers to watch man's first walk on moon.


US Patent 3,796,965 Voltage Droop Compenstation for Travelling Wave Tubes
US Patent 3,786,275 Circuit and Method for Arc Protection of Linear Beam Devices

Uncle Arden was instrumental in getting me interested in electronics at an early age. He gave me my first Heathkit, an IM-18 VTVM for Christmas 1967. Later when I was getting ready to go to college in the fall of 1973, he helped me get my first HP-35 calculator (which calculator collector K4FG is now talking care of). Uncle Arden had an impressive career at Westinghouse, where he did radar system design for most of the 30 years he worked there. He retired in 1988 and now enjoys retirement on his farm in southwestern VA. -- Frank Lynch, W4FAL(SK)