John R. Moseby, W9OHT

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  • SCARS Treasurer, 2002-present
  • Member of TEARA/SCARS Volunteer Examiner team
  • John was first licensed as a ham at the age of 14. His first call as a novice, before the days of the nocoders, was WD4BCY. He worked his friend Phil, WD4BCZ, on a homebrew crystal controlled 40m transmitter powered by some 6L6 tubes. His receiver at that time was a borrowed Navy surplus boat (it was to heavy to just be the anchor!).

    He somehow got out of the hobby during college. School, a job, and a girl somehow didn't leave any time. His second call wasn't by choice, he let his license expire. OOPS! That's how he became KA4SMC.

    After college a friend at work was interested in becoming a new ham, so John helped him work on the theory. As an aside he also boned up himself and went to a tech plus with a certificate for passing the Advanced theory. The theory was no problem due to a BSEE degree, unfortunately, the code was out of reach because of the long gap in operating. He and his college friend spent many hours working packet especially TCPIP over packet(

    Vanity calls! What a wonderful idea. John was the first one in line to get a new call. His call is now W9OHT. This was his Dad's call from many years past when the family lived in Indiana. His Dad, Jim, lost that call when they moved out of 9 land to take a job with the Voice of America in Florida (those were the rules in 1964) and was assigned KD4XI. His Dad always wanted his call back but he passed away long before the vanity program.

    So John is the second bearer of W9OHT, and he wishes there will be a third. Hopefully, at least one of his two boys will catch the bug. Of course, none of them can be half the ham that Jim was. Radio was his life personally and professionally.

    With two young boys, a wife, and a demanding job, John is struggling to obtain the lifestyle that his wife and children already enjoy!

    John's Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Active Volunteer Examinier (ARRL accredited) with the Triangle East Amateur Radio Association (TEARA) team, Treasurer of the Smith Chart Amateur Radio Society (SCARS), System Engineer for Ribbon Communications, TeleCommunications expert, husband, father, and geek