SCARS - Club History

as told by our founder, Frank Lynch, W4FAL, SK

Nail in the fence post

Having attended several local club meetings for a few years, I began to look something more. Finally after some difficult Field Days, I and a few other charter members made the decison to start a club and get ready for Field Day the following year.

The earliest correspondence I can find was on July 13, 1999. This was the day I actually filed the application with the FCC for a club call for the Smith Chart Amateur Radio Society. An email to W4KX and K4HA notified them of same. This was immediately followed by reply emails for both Tom and Bob that I didn't have enough to do......

On or about September 8, 1999, W4MLU and myself placed 442.575 on the air. The original repeater was a Motorola MSF5000. It ran about 23 watts into 340 feet of 7/8 heliax with a DB-420 atop the 305 ft tower.

All during this time, we're anxiously awaiting the club call to be granted. This was also during the time that the FCC was revamping the ULS system and club call grants were placed on hold. Finally on December 11, 1999 KG4FPU was granted. This was followed by a vanity application for K4SCS. K4SCS was granted on January 7, 2000.

After using K4SCS at Field Day 2000, we ALL decided that K4SCS wasn't a good contesting call. Another application was filed for K4OO. On June 1, 2001, the Smith Chart Society was granted K4OO.

Membership Growth:

Membership rose to twelve members by the end of 1999. In order, W4FAL, K4HA, W4KX, K4GWH, K4ITL, W4MLU, WA4KE, W9OHT, K4PB, and WX4MMM. By the end of 2000, we had added AC4TE, WA4OOD, K4NYS, K4ZMY, KE4U, K4QL, NX9T, and NW4Z. 2001 saw the addition of N1UJ, KO4PY, W2XL, WB4TQD, K4FG, W4FTY, K4CIA, KD4NMG, ZS6EZ, and N4XD. 2002 saw the addition of KA4PUV, K4BWC, W4CX, N4CW, and WB4WIR. In 2003 we added K7UGT, KB0RD, W4CKH, K4DSP, N4DJ, W5RUK and K4ZDH. 2004 saw the addition of N4TL, N4TAB, K4LAX, KB4HG, and K8QM. In 2005 we added K4RLC, KG4KAT, and WB2VSJ. During 2006 SCARS added K4IWW, W4CC, W4MBD, and KG4HDT to the membership. In 2007 we added W1RFI, N4IB, W4EEQ, AJ9F, and W2UF (our 58th member). In 2008 AD4HZ, NC4PK (60th and youngest member) and AB4T were added. In 2009 AH6LS and KA4ZPF were added.

We also inducted three honorary members in 2000. Kyle Leshko a young man with Cerebral Palsy. Arden Quesinberry and Ruffin Lynch were also inducted for their significant contributions to the Field Day effort of 2000. Walter Flood was made and honorary member in 2002 for his educational contributions as Electromagnetics Professor at NCSU. Dr. Flood passed away the following February of 2003.